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What are quants?

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Quants are the original data scientists

One of the main differences between a regular programmer and a quant is their initial training. Both professionals get trained in programming and can create softwares, websites etc... But quants go through additional training and hold a graduate degree in mathematics, physics or engineering and are highly trained in their respective scientific fields.

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Wall Street was first

in taking advantage of their potential for data analysis Quants do not need an additional person to interpret for them. They understand both the programming world and the quantitative world. Quants can not only program but can also understand mathematical models from the latest research.

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More than just programmers

They have the skill set needed for any job requiring a data scientist, a programmer and more depending on their additional graduate trainings. With their unique skill set, they bring a unique perspective to the analytical world


Financial Services

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Machine Learning

Data Analysis

Portfolio Optimization

Credit Analysis

Database implementation

Data Integration


Machine Learning and Cyber Security

Machine learning is one of the critical areas where working with a quant will give you the result you're looking for. Machines can do a lot of things but without the ability of the human interface to properly pose the problem, no proper answer can be obtained.

Data Analysis

More about Data Analysis

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Website design, Cloud Computing and mobile apps

App Building

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