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ADA Compliance

According to Law360, over 240 federal ADA website compliance lawsuits were filed in 2016 alone. As stated by Seyfarth Shaw, the trend continued through 2017 with an astonishing 814 ADA website accessibility lawsuits filed. A more recent Seyfarth Shaw Synopsis states that web accessibility cases filed to federal court showed an acceleration of that trend. During 2018,there have already over 1053 ADA lawsuits filed. Most of them were coming from California, New York and Florida residents with disabilities. Seyfarth Synopsis: California state courts are becoming an even friendlier jurisdiction for plaintiffs filing lawsuits about allegedly inaccessible websites. "California Superior Court Judge Gregory Kiosan decided that Title III of the ADA does cover online-only businesses and refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed against an online-only video game retailer." So all businesses whether online only or with a brick and mortar presence need to follow the ADA guidelines.

ADA Services

We will process a comprehensive audit of your site to make sure it is ADA compliant

If you already know your website requires work or if during one of our comprehensive audits we find that your site is not ADA compliant, we will implement the needed fix so that it becomes so

Once you are compliant, we can monitor your website so that every time you make a change or if there's any changes in the requirements to the guidelines, we can notify you so that you can take action.